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Once again, thanks to Digg for an insightful (I know Digg and insightful rarely appear in the same sentence, but sometimes the less puerile part of the community comes out on top) and somewhat enlightening article. Titled "What's Up Docs" it digs a little deeper into the lives and psyches of some docs currently practicing. My favorite part comes at the end where in a poll of 50 nurses, in speaking about arrogance and doctors, it came across that surgeons were the most arrogant of the lot. Not saying anything here. Just found it entertaining.

Over at Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey, she points out this gem of an article about a group of folks I had a little exposure when in nursing school. A little background here. Basically, Colorado City in Northern Arizona and its counterpart, Hilldale across the border in Utah, are the refuge of the Fundamental Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints - in other words a fundie group of Mormons. They engage in polygamy, child rape/molestation through the marriage of extremely young girls (like 14 years old) to older men, and among other things they control the entire town. The whole place is owned by them. Not outsiders allowed. In effect they are a law and community unto themselves. The interesting thing is the stagnation in the gene pool which the article focuses on. Through rampant interbreeding and crossing of genetic lines, they continue to pass on genetic defects with alarming regularity. Again, not saying anything here. Just found it interesting.


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