Getting Tagged

Thanks to Not Nurse Ratched for pulling me out of my blogging funk and tagging me. So here goes...count 'em, eight random facts/habits about yours truly.

1. I have given up driving. Yes, you heard me. No more driving. Well, as little as I can make it... Until today, I hadn't been behind the wheel for nearly a month and a half. I haven't driven to work for that long relying on my bike and local transit. Y'know, it's funny, I feel better when I get to work and when I get home. Maybe the whole stress/exercise axis really is something. It's not about the environmental thing (which is important), or the fact that gas is well over $3.25/gallon (it kind of is), but it's about my blood pressure, which until recently was fairly high. I'm a nurse, I know why my BP is high. I also know that not driving (and meds/lifestyle changes) have brought it down. But I like it so much more than sitting in traffic.

2. I'm a History Channel dork. In fact, it's on in the background right now. Consequently, no one will ever play trivial pursuit with me.

3. I am a movie buff. If I had time, I could put Netflix's policy on movies per month to the test, but alas I have a job. And a life. Still love the movies though. I love going to the movies, sure I hate paying the prices, but you can't beat the entertainment value.

4. I once built a pornographic snow sculpture. OK, maybe it was only a tasteful nude....

5. I joke that I got through nursing school with the help of the what I have termed the triad: caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. While I have cut way back on all three, I still enjoy a great cup of coffee (I don't classify Starbucks as coffee per se, I like coffee, not warm milk), a glass of 30 year Scotch and a nice cigar or pipe.

6. I like to read. Not books so much, but magazines and the web. For some reason (hmmm...nursing school?) I'm still not able to pick up and full-on book and read it like I used to. But I'm working on that.

7. I miss mixtapes. Yes, making mix CDs is nice, but I miss that tactile nature of recording a mixtape masterpiece for someone. Y'know that whole process of finding and editing the songs just right so they would flow, creating a mood. At one time it was nearly compulsive, but that time is long gone now. In that vein my dream job would still be to work in a used record store. (see High Fidelity).

8. I still own vinyl records. Not lots, but a good collection. Unfortunately since I moved, they do not have a place to live...yet. Really, you haven't listened to "Frampton Comes Alive!" unless it is the the double-gatefold vinyl....

There you have it. I know I have to tag some people now, but I can't think of who to tag yet. But I will. Soon.

As a final parting thought: Can you sue an elderly demented woman for sexual harassment for telling you to "wiggle it a little" as you walk past?

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  1. Sean said...
    Nothing beats a black coffee from Starbucks! Give it a try...they're not just lattes!

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