A Week Not From Hell

I just read 2 very thought provoking posts. One over at Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey, that reinforced my already dim view of humanity. The second a touching post that went ahead and reaffirmed my faith in humanity can be found over at Nurse William.

Maybe it is a coincidence that these 2 popped up in the same reading session. Maybe someone felt I was getting tired and too cynical about the folks I encounter on a near daily basis. That I was worn out by the ETOH guy, shaking his way down the hall no matter how much Ativan I gave. That my back hurt from moving the 300+lb. woman around in bed because she wouldn't. That the news that a close friend of my wife and I was having a baby sent my wife and I into a spasm of heartache and despair over our own loss, which even 9 months after the fact tears us apart emotionally when we re-live it. Maybe though someone knew that I needed some hope to get through this recent dark cloud. Coincidence? I don't believe in them.

In spite of one night that was incredible busy, the week actually went well. No one crashed and burned. The chest pains turned out to be nothing but indigestion. The demented old woman was actually pleasant and didn't try to get out of bed. In the words of Ice Cube, "Today was a good day (week)".

I leave you with this:

To think the election isn't until next year...

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  1. MonkeyGirl said...
    Sorry to remind you that people suck. ;-) Thanks for the love; consider yourself reciprocal blogrolled.

    I like your stuff. You seem to have a, oh crap, what is that thing called.... oh yeah, a HEART! Keep writing- I'll keep reading.

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